Cyprus Villas

Yesterday I was very pleased with my daughter – usually she does not like very much to look at notes when repeats already known composition. She plays it on memory. Therefore when she forgets something, it is a big problem to recollect under notes. Yesterday I was long explaining about notes on different examples.
For example when I drive my car I don’t look at pedals. Or when a kid learns how to walk he does not look at his legs, and looks forward where he goes.
I was so glad to see, that after that conversation she began to look at notes, instead of hands.
At least she was trying to do that!

Kevin Costner

One of few Hollywood actors whom I like – Kevin Costner – will play a leading role in a debut thriller of young Spanish director Luiso Berdejo “New Daughter”.
Costner should play a role of the person by name John James, whose daughter suddenly starts to behave unusually. James suspects, that her behavior is somehow connected with the funeral barrow located near their house.
Director Luiso Berdejo for his featurettes “La Guerra” and “Limoncello” has received some premiums on the Spanish film festivals and a nomination on “Goya’s” national cinema premium.


My daughter creates problems by herself.
Yesterday she told me – that it would be great if there were 5 days off, and only 2 workdays per week!
So progress in the mathematics is already evident!

Sweet Creatures

funny ponyJust look what might happen with our things thanks to our great ecology, experiments and genetic engineering!
Sweet creature, though they managed to create.

Wireless Mouse

I have received for my birthday a wireless mouse for my computer. I was so glad! I wanted it for so long time. The big number of buttons was very unusual. After 2 weeks I was irritated because the battery for this mouse needed frequent recharges and they were discharging very quickly. I have bought others – more powerful. They were ineffective too. Friends have advised to buy another battery charger.
Now they work much longer, but two times a week I still have to take the off the mouse and to charge them during all night.
May be I work if it too much – I sit all the day before the computer.
Or just manufacturer of these mice has not managed to make so that its power consumptions were less?
Did somebody face this problem?

Senior Pupils in Cyprus

This morning I saw the senior pupils going to school.
I’ve recollected how I saw senior pupils in Cyprus. They gathered in one of expensive hotels in the end of academic year. All girls were in so expensive and beautiful dresses and boys in expensive suits. Probably hairdresses were made in the best saloons.
We were spending our evening at the restaurant of this hotel and the Cyprus hotels employee has told us that all these schoolboys will find work without problems and many of them basically don’t need to work – their parents are rich. Actually there are no poor people in Cyprus, and those who work or have business – are very rich.
Why I was not born in Cyprus or in Dubai ?!

UK mini-prisons

Oh, I am shaken! UK considers the possibility to create mini-prisons in order not to bring the delinquents to the police stations. As if they plan to keep the suspected guys up to 4 hours. Are their place stations really so occupied? Do English not cope with violence in the country? What would the next step be – creating of settlements on the Moon and sending the delinquents there? Once my father told me a tale that long-long ago one planet was inhabited by kind people, who did not know how to get rid of bad people, they have gathered them all and placed to a rocket and sent to Earth. That is why we are so cruel. It is pity, but this tale is so much our life alike….


My daughter often asks me will we go this summer to the sea. Last summer we spent our holidays in Italy and it was our first trip with daughter. That time we taught her how to not be afraid of water. Before that she wasn’t evening a pool. Slowly we overcame her child’s fear of water – firstly we wetted her feet. And after two weeks we were not able to take her out of the water.
She only is afraid of flying. She was asking us to o home by train, by the sea or by car. I even don’t know how to overcome her fear of lifts and airplanes.

My Daughter Part 2

My daugher like to admire herself in the miror. She put my shoes on high heles. Also she like to play like a doctor. This is her favorite game. Termometers and injections for dolls. Also vitamins. I do not remember if I liked this game also.


e have 14 cats. In the evening 7 of them went outside for exercise – how many cats are left at home?