What does a person need for happiness? Everybody needs something special.
Can a person with a tight-filled purse and great capacities be unhappy?
I do not know. I do not have so much money.
But I have an interesting experimental observation. I was told about a rich man, who had a face as if he is sick and might be throwing up any moment. Meanwhile he is not an ill person.
Do you wonder why he has such expression on face?
Probably he sees around himself only persons that sicken him. And no surprise – all of them want something from him…
It would be worse if he could read the minds of the others. What kind of thoughts he could have read !
And even more worse it would be if the others could have read his thoughts if his thoughts about them are as of the leeches.
To cut the story short his life is not sugar.
To have a look at his girlfriend.

All of them want from him only one thing. In her eyes he is a cash cow. He thinks he is a bull, but he is a cow! He is milked – that is cashed!
Probably everything he buys he does not like. But how much greedy one have to be sick of what he has bought. If you do not like this – give it to someone else how might need this thing. Well, this way one can lose all his money
Probably he cannot wake up in the morning without headache? And what if to try to go to bed in the evening and without alcoholic drinks instead of falling asleep in the morning and absolutely drink. Yes.
And with what does the rich man differs from a common one?
Well, do not be rich, be simply happy !